Maja Mihalik

UK based Sonic Installation Artist and Sound Designer for Animation and Experimental Video.

Currently working with audio-visual projections, generative audio synthesis, field recording and installation. 


  • Education: BA in Digital Music and Sound Art at The Univeristy of Brighton (First Class Honours)
  • Theoretical Work and Research: the role of sound in multi-screen projection art, languages and voice in relation to hearing versus understanding, synaesthesia and the human sensorium, kinetic installation, the mathematics of beauty
  • Collaboration: 
    • In continuous collaboration with London-based animator Maya Remenyi ( creating sound design and composition for her work.
    • Más Hangok: Ongoing vocal and experimental instrumental improvisation performance and recording with Guoda Dirzyte. (
  • Curation and Events:
    • Annual Funding Shows and Artist Guest Lectures and Kempelen Farkas High School, 2009-2012
    • DMSA Experimental Sound Night at the Komedia in Brighton, 2015
    • Digital Music and Sound Art Day – Annual Showcase at the Lighthouse in Brighton, 2016
    • Digital Music and Sound Arts Degree Show – Brighton University 2017





My work is lead by curiosity and playfulness with an awareness towards the ethical implications of creation as a process as well as an outcome. I deconstruct issues of history, time, biodiversity, technology versus nature and synesthesia as well as waste, recycling and object permanence. Musically, I scarcely use traditional instruments, opting for the more experimental, fabricated sounds of field recordings and non-synchronous Foley.

I utilise a mixture of acoustic and electroacoustic sound through field recordings and generative or improvised composition. The notions of chance and accidents are a returning element in both the sonic and visual aspects of my pieces.

 I use scientific and mathematical themes to influence my work in the form of Lindenmayern-systems (mathematical sets of rules that govern the way cells reproduce and plants grow) and Markov chains used in generative composition. I work with evolving visual materials such as projection, video, and light. I also often use optical objects such as prisms and kaleidoscopes in conjunction with projectors and cameras. Common elements in my work are living natural forms, abstract visuals and archive film footage.

I aim for my pieces to invite interest mixed with a level of confusion.